Manastirea Chiajna, photo trip.

I woke up at 6.30 Saturday morning, thinking to go on a trip organized by, at Manastirea Chiajna. Looking for the weather info, it shows -14 Celsius, I said I’m crazy. Over an hour or so I was in the Basarab railway station, buying tickets for the train that takes us to halt Chiajna. The ticket seller said she never sold so many tickets for Chaijna. After 20 minutes I went down in the middle of Siberia! Snow everywhere, In the left we have landfill kinship, where crows are the lords, as well as almost everywhere including on the ruins of the monastery. After a map created on Google Maps, I did about 3 Km through the snow. Not too cold I felt, especially when we reached the ruins of the Chiajna Monastery, the sun was up warming up a little bit. Overall it was worth it to wake up!

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